Help a foster child know they are remembered!
The dream would be for every kid in foster care or who has a hard time to know they are loved.
— A Cumberland resident


Nov. 8 — Boy turning 18!
He likes all things Hulk.

Nov. 24— Boy turning 15!
He loves the color orange!

The Need

When you’ve experienced trauma, abuse or hardship, birthdays aren’t always the celebrations they should be.

For some in our Children’s Residential Program, birthdays are often painful reminders of loss. Some of our residents may never have received a birthday card.

For families in our Family Residential Program, birthdays might be hard because they come with societal expectations like cards and parties that are difficult when you’re life is in transition.

The Process

  • Follow the Cumberland Presbyterian Children’s Home on Facebook or Instagram

  • Subscribe to our newsletter for birthday updates

  • Send a birthday card to a child on our monthly list, or send a generic card any time

The Restrictions

We understand the desire to put items in the birthday cards you send. However, we cannot accept cash, stickers or any other items placed in individual cards.

A gift, in any amount to our Annual Fund, would helps us ensure every child receives the hope and healing they deserve, on their birthday and always. Give today!

The Address

Address generic cards to:
Pastor Katie
909 Greenlee Street
Denton, TX 76201

Please address special cards to a resident on our monthly list, this way:
Pastor Katie c/o GENDER & DOB
909 Greenlee Street
Denton, TX 76201

The Impact

By sending a birthday card, you tell our kids you care. That message is important to their therapeutic treatment and long term success. Thank you!