CPCH Campus Needs

17 Acres for Hope & Healing

our Urgent A/C Needs

The Cumberland Presbyterian Children’s Home is aging. Here are the details of our urgent HVAC situation by the numbers.

$450,000 — our conservative estimate of what it would cost to bring our systems up to modern, energy-efficient standards by repair or replacement

  • 65 — the # A/C units across our campus

  • 30 — the # of our units manufactured in or before 2005

  • 1987 — the age of our oldest unit

  • $51,445 — the amount we have spent on A/C repair so far in 2019

  • 7 — the number of A/C units we have repaired or replaced this year

  • $27,445 — the amount we’ve spent on major A/C repairs and replacements in just the last two weeks!

  • 3 — the # of vendor estimates we seek for repairs because our generous donors deserve to know we are committed to being good stewards of their gifts

How YOu can help

  • CPCH would love to partner with a philanthropic HVAC company, wholesaler or manufacturer who can help us understand and address our needs. Reach out to partner.

  • Work in commercial construction? We’d love to chat about advisory opportunities. Please contact Jaime Blanton or call (940) 852-9403 to discuss opportunities.

  • Make a gift, in any amount, to help us stay cool. Encourage your friends to do the same.

  • Pray we are are able to make urgent repairs quickly and cost-effectively.


Campus Overview

Our campus includes:

  • Three cottages for our Children’s Residential Program, providing emergency and long-term care for youth in foster care

  • Four duplexes, rented at a low-cost to vulnerable single parent families, who need additional supports to move toward independence

  • Family, individual and group counseling spaces

  • Recreational facilities, including a gym and swimming pool

  • Conference and meeting rooms

  • A 250-seat auditorium