The children and families who reside at Cumberland Presbyterian Children's Home have many activities that provide mental, physical and spiritual enrichment on campus. We also have many businesses who donate, volunteer or host fundraising events for CPCH. We would like to say THANK YOU to the churches, businesses and individuals who participate in and sponsor these events that make a better life for our kids and families. Below are some of the current Community and Campus Events. 


Summer Camp!!

We are so thankful for Helping Hands for Little Hearts for sending four of our residents to summer camps of their choice! Our community goes above and beyond to help provide normalcy for our residents and we are so grateful!


Easter Celebration 2019!

We were excited to have volunteers from UNT ALPHAS, TWU Helping Hands and Celebrate Recovery to help us with our annual Easter egg hunt as well as serve a delicious brunch to our youth and families. Thank you to everyone that graciously donated to our event!


Placke & Friends Christmas

We were overwhelmed by the generosity and outpouring of love from this amazing group made up of many caring adults and high school students from the Flower Mound and Marcus High Schools. They gave our kids a Christmas party to remember with Santa, presents, food, games and songs as well as fulfilling much needed items on the campus wish list. They brought joy to their lives at such a rough time of year for many people and especially Foster youth.




Christmas Party

December 2017 was an exciting time for the children's home. The American Eagle Harley group threw a wonderful annual Christmas party for our children & families complete with Santa, Harleys, presents, food and games. Thank you AE Hogs! What a fun time to brighten our kids lives.

We're so proud!

Three of our residents graduated high school this year!

Did you know that only about 50% of high school students who are foster youth graduate by the age of 18?* Foster teens go through a tremendous amount of upheaval in their lifetimes. CPCH Staff and Volunteers work hard at keeping our kids in school to achieve the highest level of education possible. We have also partnered with the University of North Texas in providing educational programs that encourage participation on their campus which further increases their chances of going to college. *Fostering Success in Education ~ Jan. 2014


CPCH strives to keep our resident's cultural traditions. Recently, one of our girls celebrated her fifteenth birthday with a Quinceanera. This is a Latin tradition held throughout the America's and beyond. She is pictured here during the traditional dance with a beautiful dress provided by caring donors. It was a wonderful evening where we were able to celebrate her, reflect on her accomplishments so far and help her look to the future with hope.