Cumberland provides safe residential care for single parent families. While they are rebuilding their lives the families receive help, including:

  • Quality low cost housing

  • Parenting education

  • Strength-based counseling

  • Spiritual guidance

  • Assistance through case management in setting and reaching goals specific to each resident in the areas of budgeting and financial management, employment, parenting, relationships, health

With time, they find a new beginning at Cumberland.


All applicants will be evaluated that they meet the following initial program requirements before being added to the interest list or being encouraged to apply.

  1. Must be at or below 80% of the HUD income limits for their family size. The average SPF income is between $22,000 and $37,000 a year.

  2. Must be employed and able to pay the rent as structured for the program. Federal Affordable Housing Standards state 30% of monthly income is allocated for rent. SPF rental structure aligns with this standard and is as follows:

    - Months 1-3 rent will be 15% of monthly income

    - Months 4-6 rent will be 20% of monthly income

    - Months 7-9 rent will be 25% of monthly income

    - Months 10-12 rent will be 30% of monthly income

  3. Must have reliable transportation plan for getting to work/school/daycare

  4. Must have full custody of at least 1 child

  5. Must not have a partner that resides with them.

  6. Must pass a criminal background check (No violent crimes or other crimes deemed a safety risk to the campus).

  7. Must pass a drug test.

  8. Must be willing and able to participate in program requirements (case management, counseling, parenting classes, etc.).

Applicants who meet the above requirements will be placed on our interest list. Once we have an opening, those on the interest list will be invited to apply.  Applicants will then be asked to complete an interview to be selected for the program. For more information contact our Single Parent Family Coordinator at 940-382-5112 x 223, or